Trekking Adventure in The Faroe Islands

Put on your hiking boots and take a few deep breaths of the refreshing Atlantic wind as you now experience the Faroe Islands in the absolute best way – step by step.

The Faroe Islands are a real paradise for nature lovers and can you experience nature in a better way than on foot? We have tailored a trip where you maximize beautiful hikes by having a rental car and in this way can easily take you between different hiking trails. The Faroe Islands have both a well-functioning road network that connects the different islands with bridges, ferries and tunnels as well as lots of hiking trails.

You will have fantastic hiking experiences on the bird island of Mykines, the northern islands around Kalsoy and Svínoy, on top of the country’s highest mountain Slættaratindur and along old hiking trails.

Day 1: Departure from Scandinavia and arrival in the Faroe Islands

You land in the Faroe Islands and pick up the rental car at the airport. You continue towards Gásadalur on the island of Vágar, which was the last of the Faroese settlements to be connected by road. An isolated place where it sometimes feels as if time has stood still for centuries. Behind the village the mountains rise and in front is the iconic waterfall where the water rushes directly over the cliffs into the sea. Here you enjoy the tranquility and the magnificent view of Tindhólm. Now magnificent hikes are in front of you!

Day 2: Hiking among puffins on Mykines

Today’s trek you do on Mykines, the westernmost point of the Faroe Islands and a paradise for the beautiful puffins that live here. Mykines is completely car-free and there are only a dozen residents here. The excursion begins with a boat trip along the steep and magnificent rock walls before you reach Mykines itself. You have a guided tour here on Mykines, the hike is about 7-8 kilometers in uneven terrain and can be graded anywhere between moderate to hard. After an exciting day, you go back to Vágar and then continue towards. Klaksvík where you rest your legs at your B&B. ( F )

Day 3: Hiking on Svínoy

After breakfast, hop on the ferry from Viðoy to Svínoy. Here awaits a hike at Dragin where the British had a station during World War II. Today, Dragin is a favorite haunt for many of the Faroe Islands’ different bird species. During hiking, you have the opportunity to both see and hear bird species such as heather, antarctic lab, antarctic star, meadow beetle, greylag goose and several gull species. The hike today is slightly easier with its 4-5 kilometers but you walk in uneven terrain and the hike takes about 4 hours. ( F )

Day 4: Panoramic views on Kalsoy

Today you go out to Kalsoy. A 12-kilometer road through the island’s four tunnels connects the island’s four communities. In Trøllanes you meet up with your guide who you will hike with today. You walk towards the lighthouse which is located on the crest of a mountain. During the hike, your guide will tell you about life on Kalsoy – about local traditions and legends. After an hour of hiking you are at the lighthouse and the reward is a wonderful view. Take lots of pictures, both with camera, eyes and heart when you stand and enjoy the sounds of nature and beautiful views. In total, you walk today between 6-10 kilometers in uneven terrain. You walk back to Trøllanes where you can breathe a little before the ferry returns to Klaksvík. From here you drive to the larger island of Eysturoy where you spend the night. ( F )

Day 5: At the top of the Faroe Islands’ highest mountain

You drive to the northern part of Eysturoy where you meet your guide. The hike starts at Eiðisskarð – the mountain pass south of Slættaratindur. A pretty tough hike to the top – but it’s worth it – the view from the highest mountains in the Faroe Islands is absolutely phenomenal with views out over mountains and rolling, green valleys. You walk 5-6 hours in very hilly terrain. After a hard but satisfying day of hiking, you return to Eysturoy for a well-deserved rest. ( F )

Day 6: Walking between giants and witches

Now you leave Eysturoy and drive to Saksun and from here you travel on to Tjørnuvík together with your guide. This area is surrounded by steep mountain sides – most famous is the impressive rock formation such as ‘Kæmpen og Heksen’. During the hike you will see Slættaratindur and Gráfelli, the Faroe Islands’ two highest mountains. On the way from Tjørnuvíksskarð to the village Saksun you have a nice view of the beautiful lagoon and the fjord. The hike today is moderate in relatively uneven terrain, you walk for a total of 5 hours. After the hike, take the car and drive to the capital Tórshavn, for an overnight stay. ( F )

Day 7: The world’s smallest capital or hiking on bus trails

Today you can choose between either going on a discovery trip in Tórshavn or embarking on a final hiking trip. If you stay in the capital, it is a must-see old town where you wander around amidst a maze of streets and alleys, stairs and tarred houses with green grass roofs. A feeling of having stepped back to the Middle Ages that is broken when you see that modern people live and work here. If you choose to hike, we recommend the old bustle trail to Kirkjubøur. The road offers beautiful views of the islands Sandoy, Hestur, Koltur and Vágar. In Kirkjubøur you can see Roykstovan, a 900 year old building. You can also visit the ruins of St. St. Magnus Cathedral and Ólavskyrkan from the year 1111. The hike can be adapted as needed and you can choose to hike between 7-14 kilometers and is on your own without a guide. In the evening, we recommend that you finish at one of Tórshavn’s restaurants, the city is known for its range of restaurants and good food. (F )

Day 8: Departure back to Scandinavia

After fantastic hikes and experiences in the Faroe Islands, you drive back to the airport, return your rental car and take the flight back home again. ( F )

Overnight stays

One night at Vágar at B&B
Two nights at Klaksvik at B&B
Two nights at Eysturoy at B&B
Two nights at Tórshavn at B&B

Trekking Adventure in The Faroe Islands