The Male Looks of The Pirmavera VII: Sailor

If I had to put a song to this look would be “In the navy” of The Village People. And is that the sailor returns to abandon the blue of the sea to move like fish in water by the cities of half the world. Last year it did in the America’s Cup in Valencia and you resististe. Will do the same this year?

With yacht or not, everyone can wear wonderful clothes presented to us the more ‘classical’ designers, to navigate a distinguished style and a way of life of dream. So all aboard!

The most representative colors that define the navy look are the red, white and Navy Blue, obviously. Stripes sailor, shorts and raincoats, converted thanks to this trend in all an object of desire.

Yellow and pink bat make their small incursion that renewed an aesthetic, as this is very defined and consolidated for years.

Sport canvas bags are the essential complement, as that happens with the loafers this season forget pure white or blue to achieve more modern combinations and spectacular dealing, of course, by brands Tod’s, Car Shoe or Lacoste.

Cotton and thread jerseys, always tied at the waist or hung from the shoulder, become the perfect materials for this spring-like style. Brimming with what I would call the “Dolce Vita”, since if you take a common life, these items give off the air of sailing competition.