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Museums in Washington DC

Museums in Washington DC

Smithsonian Information Center (The Castle), 1000 Jefferson Drive SW
The first building belonging to the Smithsonian Institution now houses the information center. In addition to a 24-minute video about the Smithsonian Institution, there are interactive touch screens in 6 languages ​​(touch-intensive screens) with further information, also about other sights of the capital.

Anacostia Museum, 1901 Fort Place, SE, anacostia.si.edu
Temporary exhibits on African-American history, art, and culture in the Capitol Region, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art, Sackler Gallery at 1050 Independence Avenue, SW., www.asia.si.edu, Freer Gallery of Art on Jefferson Drive at 12th Street, SW
temporary exhibitions of Asian art and works by American artists of the 19th and 20th centuries in the Freer Gallery. The Peacock Room is the only surviving example of the work of the emigrated interior designer James McNeill Whistler. Both museums are connected by underground exhibition rooms.

American Indian Museum, Fourth Street & Independence Ave., SW, www.nmai.si.edu
The exhibitions on the indigenous people are a main attraction. In seasonal weddings, only temporary – free – tickets may be issued for the visit. January, February and the beginning of March are low in visitors. There is more activity on the weekends than on the weekdays.
Also the online article of the world on Sunday from 06/11/05 ” Wigwam in a central location ”

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, corner of 7th St. SW and Independence Ave., www.hirshhorn.si.edu
Paintings and sculptures in a cylindrical museum building and the surrounding garden.

National Museum of African Art, 950 Independence Avenue, SW, www.nmafa.si.edu
Collections on African art and culture.

National Museum of American Art, www.americanart.si.edu
Paintings, sculptures, folk art, photographs and graphics by American artists from the 18th century to the present day.
More details in an article in the newspaper USA Today.

National Museum of Natural History, 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW, www.mnh.si.edu
Great museum of natural history and science with stuffed mammals, dinosaur skeletons, tarantula feedings in the insect zoo, living coral reefs and collections of precious stones, including the 45.5 carat Hope diamond. A total of more than 120 million objects and a Johnson IMAX theater.

National Portrait Gallery, 8th and F Streets, NW, www.npg.si.edu
Collection of portraits of famous Americans from politics, sports, literature, stage and film. The Hall of Presidents contains the official portraits of the US presidents.

National Museum of American History, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, americanhistory.si.edu
Museum of the history of the United States with exhibits on politics, technology, science and culture. Highlights are the flag that inspired the anthem The Star Spangled Banner, the robes of some first ladies at the inaugurations, as well as quilts, cars and locomotives.

National Postal Museum, 2 Massachusetts Ave., NE, www.postalmuseum.si.edu
A collection of mail planes, stagecoaches, rare stamps and letters and a Pony Express exhibit.

National Zoological Park, 3001 Connecticut Avenue NW, nationalzoo.si.edu
More than 3,000 mammals, birds and reptiles.

National Air and Space Museum

6th St. and Independence Ave., airandspace.si.edu

The aviation museum is one of the largest on earth. Shown are the history and development of aerospace, including the Wright Brothers’ aircraft, Charles Lindbergh’s “Spirit of St. Louis” aircraft and the Apollo 11 command module. Furthermore, lunar and space research are presented, rocket flight, military and computer technology. A planetarium, multimedia programs and IMAX big screen films complete the offer.

With nearly 9 million visitors a year, the National Air and Space Museum is the most visited museum in the world. It continues to grow: 28 miles from town, on the southeast corner of Dulles International Airport, the Steven F. Udvar Hazy Center was opened as an outpost. The hangar-like main hall is as big as three and a half football fields. 200 aircraft and more than 130 exhibits from space travel are shown in their final stages, either standing or floating. The main attractions include the Lockheed SR-71 (“Blackbird”) spy plane, the first Concorde, prototypes of the space shuttle and Boeing 707, and the infamous “Enola Gay”, which dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Museums in Washington DC

Salt Lake City Utah Travel Guide

Salt Lake City Utah Travel Guide

Salt Lake City is the modern capital of Utah. Tourist highlights are a visit to the Salt Lake Temple, the heart of the Mormon temple complex “Temple Square” as well as the Utah State Capitol and the Fort Douglas Military Museum.

The city calls itself a ski city – and for good reason. 11 ski areas are only about an hour away from Salt Lake City International Airport. A city trip is included on a ski vacation in Utah.

Religion, music, genealogy: the city center of superlatives

Along with Israel, Salt Lake City is one of the world’s most popular destinations for religious tourism – not least because of the Temple Square , which is located in the heart of the city center.

With three to five million visitors annually, the Mormon religious square is Utah’s most visited attraction. Salt Lake City has a total population of 181,743.

The Salt Lake Temple , which embodies the faith community of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” like no other building, has also had a lasting impact on the cityscape:
It is not only an architectural flagship of the city, but also determines the numbering and arrangement of the surrounding streets – all of which lead to the temple.

The Family History Library , located west of the Salt Lake Temple, contains the world’s largest collection of genealogical data.

Another highlight is the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir , whose choir rehearsals are open to the public every Thursday between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. In the summer months, the rehearsals take place in the conference center.

The Utah State Capitol on Capitol Hill is also in the immediate vicinity of Temple Square. The Capitol is the result of centuries of development and was completed in 1916 according to plans by architect Richard KA Kletting, who himself comes from Utah. The landmark is particularly beautiful to look at in spring – when the more than 400 blossoming cherry trees take the place.

Culture and theater

In addition to numerous bars and restaurants, the pulsating city also has a lot to offer culturally. With a performance by the Plan-B Theater Company in the Rose Wagner Theater you get the best entertainment away from the mainstream. Those who prefer it classic can visit a performance of the Utah Symphony in Abravanel Hall and children will get their money’s worth in the Gateway Mall thanks to laser shows, 3D films and a planetary museum.

Shopping and entertainment

Just a few steps south of Temple Square is the City Creek Center , which was named “best retail development” in North and South America at the 2012 International Property Awards. The state-of-the-art mall has a fully retractable glass roof and features waterfalls, hourly fountain shows and a bubbling stream that runs through the entire project structure. A total of 110 shops are integrated into the shopping center.

Alternatively, the Trolley Square , which is located around 2.5 kilometers southeast of the City Creek Center, offers numerous opportunities for recreational activities. The shopping area, which has been recognized as a historic site, contrasts with the ultra-modern City Creek Center.

Thanksgiving Point

Trolley Square Shopping Center in Salt Lake City

Every November, Eat like a Pilgrim is celebrated at Thanksgiving Point in Leni, about 25 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Even if the name “Thanksgiving Point” fits perfectly, it originally had nothing to do with traditional Thanksgiving. Rather, the founders of Thanksgiving Point made so much money with a software company that they wanted to give some of it back to the community and built this complex in the mid-1990s, which is now the Museum of Ancient Life , an ingenious dinosaur museum , a golf course Includes gardens and much more.

The Museum of Ancient Life has the largest dinosaur exhibition in the world with 60 complete skeletons. There are also 50 interactive displays that make it possible to touch real fossils, dinosaur bones and dinosaur eggs and thus immerse yourself in the world of prehistoric times. In the “Jr. Paleo Lab ”, children can experience paleontology up close and prepare prehistoric fossils. The fossils can be kept and taken home.

Even when it’s not celebrating Thanksgiving , Thanksgiving Point is always worth a stop, either to visit the gardens, have a snack in the café or to visit the museum. This can really be recommended to everyone, whether families with children or adults, it is worth it!

Thanksgiving Point Golf Course in Lehi

Getting there

Delta Air Lines takes travelers from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol directly to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) and back. For German travelers on a flight with a stopover in Amsterdam, the lack of “immigration” when switching is particularly interesting. SLC is known for its punctual flight handling and proximity to the city itself. This means that downtown Salt Lake Cities can be reached in just 10 minutes from the airport.