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Mexico General Information

Mexico General Information

Mexico is an incredibly beautiful country located in North America. This is truly a paradise for tourists, because the rest here is extremely diverse. The Latin American state, on the one hand, is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, on the other hand, by the Caribbean Sea, therefore it is here that the best, world-famous sandy beaches are located, the beauty of which cannot be imagined without seeing them at least once. Therefore, it’s time to book a tour to Mexico from Minsk and go on an exciting journey!

Holidays in Mexico are so diverse that they will appeal to both fans of incendiary entertainment and those who want to learn more about the country’s culture by visiting numerous historical sites. Mexico is also a paradise for diving enthusiasts, because it is here that the largest coral reefs in the region are located. Surfing beaches, which can be practiced at almost every resort in Mexico, are waiting for beginners and professionals. The climate in the country is tropical and subtropical. It is warm in winter and hot in summer. It is quite cool in the highlands, while hot weather reigns on the coast, so consider these nuances when choosing a tour to Mexico from Minsk.

Having chosen tours to Mexico for your vacation, you will see the famous Lake Atitlan, relax on the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea, visit many interesting excursions, taste amazing Mexican cuisine. Shoppers will be able to purchase unique souvenirs, silverware, fabrics and much more.

Tours to Mexico are annually chosen by millions of tourists who are eager for new experiences, and it is difficult to imagine a country more suitable for such a varied and unforgettable vacation. Call us and we will organize your unforgettable vacation in hot and colorful Mexico!


List of documents required for obtaining a tourist visa to Mexico for citizens of the Republic of Belarus:
(if you have a visa to Canada, Schengen, USA, Japan, Great Britain, a visa to Mexico is not needed)

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the trip with 2 blank pages in the Visa section;
  • 2 color photographs 3*4cm, not older than 6 months, on a white background, without glasses, the face should be completely open (it is desirable for girls to remove bangs and pin up their hair);
  • Certificate of employment for the last 6 months.

Requirements for a certificate of employment :
1. on letterhead with a seal and signature of the director and accountant, indicating the address of the place of work, phone number, position of the employee. If the applicant is a director, the certificate is signed by other authorized persons (deputy director and accountant).
2. work period “from dd/mm/yy to present” (at least 1 year)
3. salary (at least $550 per month). Only the average monthly salary is allowed.
4. be sure to indicate the equivalent of the salary in USD
5. if the salary is scheduled by months, then when submitting documents on the 1st day of a new month, the previous month must be registered. For example, we submit documents on March 2 – the salary for February should be registered.

  • For non-working – a photocopy of a student card + a certificate from the institute, pension certificate, work book;
  • For individual entrepreneurs – a copy of the certificate of registration + bank statement.
  • Bank statement STRICTLY with the movement of funds (both incoming and outgoing transactions) for the last 3 months. Balance at the end of each month and the final balance of at least 1500 USD (in any currency). The statement must indicate the currency of the account.

ATTENTION! If the average monthly salary is above 600 USD, a bank statement may not be provided. If the balance on the bank account is more than 1500 USD, a certificate of employment may not be provided. If the period of work is less than 1 year, a bank statement is required.

  • Pensioners over 65 years old – a copy of the pension certificate. References and extracts are NOT REQUIRED!

Sponsoring is allowed (salary and/or account balance multiplied by the number of sponsored persons):

  1. Husband sponsors wife or husband’s wife – attach a copy of the marriage certificate
  2. Parents sponsoring children under 24 – attach a copy of the birth certificate. If the “child” is studying, attach a certificate from the university; if he works, but the salary is small, a certificate from work is still attached.
  3. Children sponsoring parents – attach a copy of the birth certificate. If the parents work, but the salary is small, still attach a certificate from the parents’ work.

For minors:

  • notarized permission from both parents to obtain a visa to Mexico for a child (not to be confused with consent to leave). Permission can be one from both parents for all children.
  • a photocopy of the birth certificate;
  • copies of passports of both parents;
  • if the child visits Mexico with one of the parents, it is necessary to provide a notarized written permission to export the child from the second parent + a copy of his passport;
  • if the second parent is absent, an appropriate document is provided (certificate of death, certificate from the registry office that the child is recorded according to the mother, etc.)

ATTENTION! The embassy has the right to change the rules for admission and the deadlines for processing documents without prior notice, and also has the right to request additional documents.

Mexico General Information

Mexico City and Puebla

Mexico City and Puebla

Our exciting group trip to Mexico City begins with excursions in the city and its surroundings. The huge capital Mexico City is built on top of the ancient Aztec cult site Tenochtitlán. The center of the Aztec universe, the Templo Mayor, still remains with ruins in the modern Zocaló square. On this large square is also the more modern and stately National Palace, where the president has his work premises in a part of the building. The palace also houses huge murals by the famous artist Diego Rivera. Here you can follow Mexico’s eventful history interwoven in a single large painting. We meet his wife Frida Kahlo, also an artist, in the Blue House. If you have seen the film “Frida”, you will soon recognize the interior of her parents’ home. Frida and Diego lived here and many of the celebrities of that time came here for big parties. A great experience is the visit to the huge Sun and Moon Pyramids in Teotihuacán. How could such huge buildings be built without modern aids? In Xochimilco, we are seduced by the Mexicans’ ease of laughter and desire for music and partying. The city of Taxco dazzles with all its beautiful silver objects! On your day off, you can visit some of the world’s leading museums of anthropology and modern art. Shopping and entertainment? Sure! There is a rich selection here. Mexico City is also a green city and you can stroll around the huge Chapultepec Park. The last two nights we spend in the “ceramic city” Puebla. The trip there goes through wooded national parks and fertile farmland, a real contrast to the capital’s dense and sometimes chaotic buildings. Welcome to the fascinating country of Mexico!

Mexico City and Puebla 2

Day 1: Travel to Mexico (Mexico City)
Flights to Mexico City. Arrival in the Mexican capital the same day. We leave directly from the airport and check in at our hotel for rest. Meals are included on board the flight. Overnight in Mexico City.

Day 2: Xochimilco
Culture and folk life characterize the program this day. First there will be a visit to the charming Saturday market “Bazaar del Sábado” which is located in neighborhoods you never thought existed in this giant city. Artists and artisans gather around the small square to exhibit their work. Then we stroll through the colonial district of Coyoacán to see the Blue House, former residence of Frida Kahlo. Then there are literally other tones. Out in Xochimilco, the townspeople themselves gather during the weekends and therefore Saturdays offer a wonderful life. You take a seat in the boats and head out onto the canals in what was once called “the floating gardens”. The trumpets clatter and the song sounds. Here it is popular, festive and a wonderful atmosphere. On the way home we visit the beautiful Dolores Olmedo Museum which is housed in a charming colonial building. Here are also some paintings by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. We pass the university campus and see the beautiful mosaic on the library building. Here, as well as at the nearby Olympic Stadium, we take a photo break. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 3: City tour The
artist Diego Rivera’s monumental fresco on Mexico’s history in the National Palace will be a natural prelude to the city tour. The palace was built where the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán, used to be. Ruins from part of the temple area, Templo Mayor, have been excavated and can be seen next to the palace. We also visit the National Cathedral, which like the palace is located at the Plaza de la Constitución. This magnificent square is usually called the heart of Mexico. The tour of Mexico City continues through the city’s bustling street life with wide boulevards, magnificent monuments, trendy shopping streets, lush parks and exclusive residential areas. In the afternoon we visit the market La Ciudadela which sells handicrafts from all over Mexico. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 4: Guadalupe Basilica and Teotihuacán
The morning begins with a visit to the Guadalupe Basilica, one of Latin America’s holiest sites. It will be time to experience the life of the people outside the sanctuary where religion and commerce are mixed in a very special way. Native American cultures have succeeded each other in Mexico. The city of Mexico City itself was built by the Aztecs, while the Teotihuacans built the huge Pyramids of the Sun and Moon just over 30 km outside what is now central Mexico City. The dimensions of Teotihuacán are enormous and as a modern human being one can only marvel that all this was created without our modern technical aids. The size becomes even more concrete if you choose to climb one of the pyramids. But remember – it’s easier to get up than to get down … After lunch it’s time to return to the hotel. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 5: Cuernavaca and Taxco
Today’s full day trip goes south and we pass through a beautiful mountain area towards the city of Cuernavaca, “the city of eternal spring”. Cuernavaca was already used by the ancient Native American cultures as a “summer place”. After a short walk in the center, the journey continues through fertile farmland and at lunchtime the old silver town of Taxco appears. After lunch we go on a journey of discovery in this charming city. There will also be time on your own, and maybe you will linger at the square to experience the life of the people and the lively commerce. But it is important to remember that not everything is even silver that glitters! Comfortable walking shoes with a rubber sole are recommended in Taxco. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 6: Mexico City
All day it’s time on its own. You can visit any of Mexico City’s museums; the museum of modern art has a world reputation. The opportunities for shopping are also great. You can also take a lovely walk in the huge Chapultepec Park. In the evening, you might head to Plaza Garibaldi to listen and not least watch the many orchestras trying to capture the interest of the spectators. Overnight in Mexico City. (Breakfast)

Day 7: Mexico City – Puebla 
The morning offers a visit to the Anthropological Museum, one of the world’s most beautiful and interesting museums. Here we experience the country’s rich past and admire fantastic art treasures from Mexico’s different Native American cultures. After lunch we leave the big city Mexico City and travel through an exciting landscape to the ceramic city of Puebla where we check in at our hotel. Overnight in Puebla. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 8: Puebla
In the charming colonial city of Puebla located in the shadow of the volcano Popocatépetl, the atmosphere is completely different than in the huge Mexico City. Much of the Spanish architecture remains here with beautiful, flower-decorated courtyards, covered sidewalks and playful fountains. The city is famous for its tiles and there are good opportunities for shopping. In the evening we gather for a joint farewell dinner. Overnight in Puebla. (Breakfast and dinner)

Day 9: Return from Mexico City 
The day is free for your own walks in Puebla. In the afternoon transfer to the airport in Mexico City for the return journey. Meals are included on board the flight. (Breakfast in Puebla)

Day 10: Return
Flight to the place of boarding.

Mexico City and Puebla