St. George’s, Grenada

St. George’s is the capital of Grenada, located in a horseshoe-shaped harbor on the slope of an extinct volcano. Built by the French in 1650, the city has survived three major fires and the invasion of a devastating hurricane, but has always been reborn, and attracts tourists with a romantic atmosphere, picturesque tropical nature, luxurious beaches, clear waters of the bay and the friendly attitude of the islanders.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Grenada is 113,015 (2021).

After the third fire, local authorities passed a law that buildings in St. George should not be higher than the tops of palm trees.

How to get to St. George’s

Maurice Bishop International Airport is located 4 km from St. George’s, where British Airways, American Eagle, American Airlines, Monarch, Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, Condor fly.

Cruise ships, as well as private yachts, stop in St. George’s Harbor.


For trips around the city and the surrounding area, you can use taxis and minibuses or rent a car. Most taxi rides will cost about 25-50 USD, the road from the airport will cost 45 USD.

Buses outside the city stop not only at stops, but also at your signal. The drivers are friendly and will always explain the way to you, the cost of the trip ranges from 3 to 12 USD.

Car rental – from 50 to 85 USD per day, traffic in the city is left-hand. Prices on the page are for July 2021.


Blue Horizons Cottage is located 8 km from the city in a beautiful tropical garden and in close proximity to the famous Grand Anse beach, room rates start from 160 USD. The Calabash Hotel, located 8 km from St. George’s, offers deluxe rooms, a personal maid, daily massages, a luxurious restaurant, and services for wedding ceremonies.

You can also stay at the Rex Grenadian Resort, located 20 km from the city, in a quiet secluded place with its own beach. Here you can also hold a wedding ceremony or arrange a second honeymoon.

Directly in the city, you can stay at the Point Salines hotel with a huge pool and private beach. The Flamboyant Hotel & Villas, located on the outskirts of St. George’s, offers accommodation in rooms, studios and individual apartments.

St. George’s Restaurants

A real local delicacy is breadfruit salad with green bananas; also popular are vegetables baked in clam shells, charcoal-grilled meats, prawns with bananas, turtle soup, and sea urchin caviar. All dishes are heartily seasoned with various spices.

Boots Cuisine is considered the best restaurant in St. George. This small family restaurant serves seafood, tropical vegetables and fruits. Enjoy great views and dine in sophisticated surroundings at Mount Cinnamon Hotel’s restaurant. Fantastic local dishes can also be sampled on the waterfront at BB’s Crabback Restaurant.


Buy nutmeg, or some of its products – jam, syrup or tincture, do not forget other excellent local spices – cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and cloves. Also the pride of local producers is the rum brands Clarke’s Court, Westerhall and River Antoine and amazing local chocolate.

Entertainment and attractions in St. George

The National Museum of Grenada is housed in a former prison built in 1704. Curiously, this building was the first hotel in St. George’s. In the museum you can see many exhibits dedicated to the past of the island and its aborigines – Caribs and Arawaks, exhibits related to whaling, as well as the marble bath of Josephine Bonaparte (born nearby – in Martinique).

The Catholic Cathedral, built in 1818, is the city’s most prominent landmark. The interiors of the cathedral amaze with a riot of bright colors. And the Anglican Church, built in 1825, boasts a chiming clock that repeats the chime of Westminster Abbey.

A visit to the capital of the “Isle of Spice”, as Grenada is sometimes called, would not be complete without heading to Bay Gardens, a 10-minute drive from St. George’s.

On a headland west of the harbor is Fort Georges, built by the French in 1705. Most of the premises of the fort are open to the public; the local police station is located in the closed part.

A visit to the capital of the “Isle of Spice”, as Grenada is sometimes called, would not be complete without heading to Bay Gardens, located 10 minutes from St. George’s. This garden is a truly heavenly place that combines beautifully manicured flower gardens with wildlife, meadows of wildflowers, patches of rainforest and ponds full of exotic fish.


The second week of August is Carnival time in St. George’s. Many people in colorful costumes march through the streets of the city to the melodies of calypso. In addition to the selection of the carnival queen and the performance of the “cheerleaders” of the pretenders, the holiday offers an abundance of food and drink. Fried corn is a traditional carnival treat.

St. George's, Grenada