Semi Jewelry Abuse of the Charm of Quality and Affordable Pieces

Semi Jewelry: Abuse of the Charm of Quality and Affordable Pieces

More affordable than expensive jewelry, the semi jewels have great finish, beauty and delicacy. All this without compromising your pocket.

Semi Jewelry Abuse of the Charm of Quality and Affordable Pieces

Women love jewelry and accessories that leave you beautiful and full of charm and sophistication. But not everyone can or wants to spend absurd amounts on such expensive pieces. With the semi-jewels of specialized stores like Sabrina Joias , you can be beautiful with sophisticated pieces and no faux pas in the budget.

In this article you can appreciate the beauty of the semi jewels and learn to increase their looks with beautiful pieces and much sophistication.

Evening parties and events

Learn to invest in what favors you. If your dress is single front, necklaces do not match, invest in long earrings and rings. Always look for pieces that stand out without disturbing the charm of the clothes you have chosen.

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Larger parts, more fulfilled earrings and rings always look wonderful on such occasions. At Sabrina Joias Store you will find delicate, discreet pieces, even the most eye-catching.

Romantic or family dinners

Encounters or that dinner with someone special always asks for something that is special too. Just like everywhere you need to know how to balance the pieces. Invest in more delicate rings and earrings.

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If you like necklines a beautiful and discreet necklace will give even more charm to your look. In this case avoid weighing the rest of the production. On many occasions the less is more. And delicate pieces found in the Sabrina Jewelry Store are perfect.

At family dinners when we try to wear more delicate clothes, let the semi jewels bring more glamor and charm to the look. With rings and smaller earrings as dots of brilliance.

How to wear semi-jewelry on a daily basis

Many get confused about how to wear jewelry and semi jewelry during the day. For work and day-to-day occasions the interesting thing is to invest in more delicate pieces. Bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are great when small, giving that amiable and stylish look.

But do not use everything at once. Just like the looks of the night, it’s also important to balance the pieces every day. If you are going to wear a mix of rings make sure to wear beautiful and small earrings, but beware of the pieces closest to your hands as bracelets.

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What is the difference between Jewelry, Semi Jewelry and Costume Jewelry?

The jewels are usually more expensive because they are made of solid gold and natural shiny. The semi jewels, however, are produced with other metals receiving a last layer of gold.

Therefore the semi jewels have the purpose of having the appearance of the jewels, being the manufacture the only great difference between the pieces. While jewelry is not intended to show quality equivalent to jewelry.

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That’s why costume jewelry has freer design and is made from cheaper materials, so they are much cheaper.

The semi jewels are in the middle and can be taken to special occasions without fear of being happy. When found in good, well-finished stores like the Sabrina Jewelery Store, which has excellent quality pieces, the semi jewels are perfect for any occasion and deserve the investment.