Saint Martin Geography

Saint Martin is one shared between France and the Netherlands Caribbean island. The only land border between these two countries is located on the 94 square kilometer island. This chapter deals with thatFrenchPart of the island of Saint Martin, the part of the island of Sint Maarten belongs to the Netherlands Antilles and is therefore also presented in the chapter Netherlands Antilles.

Saint Martin is located about 250 kilometers north of Guadeloupe and belongs to the so-called Northern Archipelago. The highest point is the Pic du Paradis (424 meters). Until 2007, Saint Martin and the island of Saint Barthelemy formed an arrondissement of the overseas department of Guadeloupe. Since February 22, 2007, Saint Martin is a French Territorial Collective (Collectivité d’outre-mer). Saint Martin belongs to the European Union and represents the westernmost point of the community. The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus on November 11th 1493, the day of Saint Martin.

Geographically, the island is divided into two parts : Grande-Terre and Terres-Basses, which are connected by two narrow strips of land, and include the salt water pond, “étang” of Simsonbaai. The capital of the French Saint Martin is the port city of Marigot, with around 5,700 residents. Sights here include the colonial style buildings.

Everywhere along the coast, where there are 37 white sandy beaches, there are more strips of land that separate saltwater ponds from the sea. With the exception of the picturesque town of Colombier, the interior is practically uninhabited. Walkers and hikers can walk through the green valleys and hills in peace. On the impressive rocky beaches or the flat white sandy beaches, everyone will find their ideal place for swimming or sunbathing. For active people, all kinds of water sports are offered in the warm and crystal clear water. Snorkeling, scuba diving in the coral reefs, windsurfing and much more.

Saint Martin (Caribbean): important dates for your trip

Area: 54.4 km². The island of Saint Martin is the smallest land mass in the world, shared by two independent states (France and the Netherlands).

Population: 30,615 (July 2011, CIA). Creoles (mulattos), blacks,Guadeloupe Mestizos, whites, East Indian

Population density: 563 people per km²

Administrative headquarters: Marigot (approx. 5,700 residents)

Highest point: Pic du Paradis, 424 m

Lowest point: Caribbean, 0 m

Form of government: Until 2007, the French part of Saint-Martins belonged together with the neighboring island of Saint-Barthélemy to the arrondissement of the French overseas department of Guadeloupe, the Arrondissement des Îles du Nord (Arrondissement of the Northern Islands).
After a referendum, Saint-Martin separated – alongside Saint Barthélemy – from Guadeloupe on February 22, 2007 and became its own collectivité d’outre mer. The administration corresponds to that of a French commune. Non-French people from an EU country are allowed to vote in local council elections on Saint Martin. Saint Martin is the westernmost part of the European Union.

Head of Government: President of the Territorial Council Aline Hanson, since April 17, 2013

Head of State: French President Francois Hollande, since May 15, 2012

Language: The official language in Saint Martin is French, English and Creole are also spoken

Religion: Mostly Catholics (95%), but also Protestants, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Hindus

Local time: CET – 5 h

There is no change between summer and winter time on Saint Martin.
The time difference to Central Europe is -5 hours in winter and -6 hours in summer.

International phone code: + 590

Internet are used, since

Mains voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz. An adapter is usually not required.

Saint Martin (France): Map and Geography

Saint Martin (officially: collectivité de Saint-Martin) is a French overseas territory in the Caribbean. It was created on February 22, 2007, and covers the northern part of the island of Saint-Martin and the neighboring islands, the largest of which is Île Tintamarre. The southern part of the island, Sint Maarten, is part of the Netherlands Antilles.

The highest elevation in both the French Area as well as on the entire island is the Pic du Paradise with 424 m.

There are no rivers, however numerous dry river beds. The hilltops and slopes are covered by dry forest.

Saint Martin Geography