Resorts in Cape Verde


One of the most attractive islands in the archipelago, famous for its beautiful nature and comfortable climate. Mountains covered with eucalyptus groves and plantations of tropical plants, rocks and canyons make up the unique landscape of the island. The island is one of the greenest islands – tropical fruits are grown here – bananas, papayas, mangoes, dates, coconuts, etc. Here, surrounded by a eucalyptus forest, there is a unique botanical garden with the world’s largest baobab. Santiago is the largest and most populated island of Cape Verde. The capital of the island – the city of Praia – is a rapidly developing administrative center. Interesting as the old area with preserved buildings in the colonial style, and modern areas. It is worth visiting Cidade Velha (Old City) – the first capital of Cape Verde. The city grew out of the fortified settlement of Ribeira Grande, which is the basis of the culture of the islands. Of the main attractions of the island, it is also worth noting San Jorge dos Orgaos, Assomada with its picturesque fruit market, Shau Bom, where you can visit the old prison, which now houses the Museum of the Resistance, Bahia di Tarafal. Not far from the capital is the medieval Portuguese fortress of St. Philip – the first buildings of Europeans in Cape Verde. Ship cannons raised from the bottom of the ocean adorn the fortress walls.


A charming resort island of volcanic origin, which has become world famous as the birthplace of the great singer Cesaria Evora. The National Craft Center is open here – a place where the traditional textile craft was restored, as well as the manufacture of jewelry from shells and stones.

The capital is Mindelo; major cities: Baia das Gatas, São Pedro, Callao. The best beach is in San Pedro.


The third largest island of the archipelago, the island of beaches and dunes, which stretch here for 55 km. In addition, this is one of the best islands for diving and surfing. The first settlement here is the village of Povoacao Velha, which in Russian means “Old Village”.

The capital of the island is the town of Sal Rey, whose whole life develops only around the harbor. Recently, several first-class tourist complexes have been built on the island, so there should be no problems with accommodation here. The island is famous for its unique scenic views of deserts, oases, dunes and beaches. For example, the Viana desert, Santa Monica beach, the old Morro Negro lighthouse and the old ceramic factory. Recently, off-road and ATV safaris and desert motocross have become fashionable entertainment on the island.

Great beaches are Santa Monica, Curralinho, and further south Lacação and Curral Velho (which are a bit difficult to access).


The most popular island among travelers. Most often, tourists stop here, and go on excursions to other islands only for a short time (usually for a day or two). The active development of tourism has changed the face of the island almost beyond recognition: over the past decade, the number of local residents has doubled, first-class hotels have been opened here. Basically, the island is covered with sand dunes, only in the north there are outcrops of rocky rocks of an extinct volcano. Sal is very popular among surfers. There are 6 surf clubs on the island. One of the world’s largest windsurfing centers is located in the city of Santa Maria. For diving enthusiasts, there are 32 dive sites on the island: Ponta Do Farol reef up to 40.5 m deep, Tchuklasta reef – 36 m, Blue Room – 30.4 m, Palmeira caves – Pesqueiro Ti Culao – about 23 m, cave Buracona – 22.5 m.

Visa in Cape Verde

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to visit Cape Verde for up to 60 days..

There is currently no Consulate of Cape Verde in Moscow.

The Embassy of Russia and the consular department in Cape Verde: Praia, PO Box 31, Achada de Santo Antonio (Priaia, Achada de Santo Antonio, S.R. 31), st. OUA, tel. (238) 61-27-38, 61-27-39 (around the clock), fax 62-27-38, telex 6016.

from January 1, 2019, Cape Verde introduced one of the highest airport security fees – 31 euros (in local currency – 3400 escudos). It is paid at the airport upon entry.

On April 30, 2019, an Agreement was signed between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde on the mutual abolition of visa requirements (effective date – July 4, 2020), according to which citizens of Russia and Cape Verde who do not intend to work, study or reside in the territory of another state are exempted from visa requirements for entry, stay, exit or transit through the territory of another state. The duration of each such stay may not exceed 60 days. The total period of permitted stay of citizens of Russia and Cape Verde in the territory of another state is established in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state of each Party.

To obtain a residence permit, you must live in the country for at least 6 months.

In the case of a transplant in Portugal or another European country without entering the city, a Schengen visa is not required.

The validity of a foreign passport should expire no earlier than six months after entering the country.

Crossing the border is carried out only through border control points at airports and seaports of the country.

Resorts in Cape Verde