Papo H Podcast #71 – The Bath Shop, Goodbye TV, the Facts of Childhood

Papo H Podcast #71 – The Bath Shop, Goodbye TV, the Facts of Childhood

To Chat H #71 we brought a duo of podcasters already known to our listeners, and that decided to invest in style to give an upgrade in your professional life. In this podcast, Prof. Maury e Tato Tarcan of the Network Geek count for Ricardo Terrazo Jr. and Barbara Duarte why they decided to abandon the jeans and t-shirt, leaving for the suit to-measure, and the changes that have occurred in the day-to-day because of this choice. The customers trust? The women look? The guard forgives the fine? Learn what changes in the life of a man well dressed and stylish!

Papo H Podcast #71 – The Bath Shop, Goodbye TV, the Facts of Childhood

Giving sequence to this edition we talk about the loss of status of the flat front of the sites and applications that offer video content and that are becoming the rage among teenagers. It would be the Youtube the new Globe Network? The Snapchatis the future of video? The one that changes with the niche content?

In the third block we went to a chat more light and fun reminding you of the facts characteristic of our childhood: those programs that no one else remembers those jokes that today can no longer be made, the customs freaks who were part of an era and now seem not to make much sense!

To shut down, not once, not twice, but 3 tips given by our guests! Don’t Miss Out!

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