Pantalona include this timeless piece in your looks

Pantalona: Include This Timeless Piece in Your Looks

Anyone looking for a right piece to squander elegance and sophistication should invest in a pair of slacks. This traditional model of trousers has as its most striking characteristic a straight cut or evasion, and its manufacture can be found in the most diverse fabrics, styles and in the high, medium or low waist versions.

Pantalona include this timeless piece in your looks

According to Fashion and Style Consultant Danyla Borobia , a pair of pants can be very welcome in any composition, be it summer or winter, just look at the proposal you want to achieve: “The cool thing is to think that to use this model and do not feel with the flat silhouette or with much more volume in the legs and hip, there are some tricks and style tips that can help. For example, at the top of the look, include fairer pieces that show more skin in necklines, nothing too tight, only with less leftover fabric. Another trick is to look for pants with higher waist, because they tend to stretch the silhouette, “says the professional.

Check below some proposals created with pants pantalona, with comments of Danyla to facilitate the inclusion of the piece in its productions:

Black trousers

For a democratic color, it is worth remembering that the piece goes well on any occasion, and is the perfect choice for those who are not very fond of daring with prints, for example. “If made up with T-shirts and sneakers , it’s a great choice for the day. Worth paying attention to the type of fabric: for warmer days, it is best to avoid heavier ones and bet on the lighter ones. This kind of editing is great for a touch of sophistication on a daily basis or on weekends, “suggests Danyla.

White pants

The elegant white trousers are a true ally for those who want to stretch their silhouette with the chosen composition. To do this, Danyla gives an infallible tip: “When composing a monochromatic look the tendency is for the silhouette to lengthen, as it will not have any breaks. The cool thing is to think of shoes that accompany the color of the pants, or are nude, this will help stretch the silhouette even more. “

Jeans pants

With a more youthful look, the denim jeans offer a sharper tone to the look, and according to Danyla, when edited with accessories and more exquisite accessories, can be used in the professional environment or in events that demand a more polished look, but with a touch of modernity. “Choose shirts, blouses with flat fabrics and a third piece, such as jackets , blazers, vests or cardigans. You sure will rock! “Adds the consultant.

Printed trouser

Although it falls very well during the day, the printed pant can also make a great and elegant difference in nighttime events. The expert’s tip for a perfect look could not be better: “Count on a top that has at least one repeated color of the pant print – it can be monochromatic or analogous color (neighbor of the chromatic circle) – and the silhouette will become longer and the most modern look “.

Striped trousers

Striped trousers on their own are already a perfect silhouette stretcher. Its neutrality still offers a great versatility when composing a look. For Danyla, a top with the background color or the panty stripe is the perfect option to complete the look. “For days of walking the top cropped is a good request, since the waist of the pants is higher. It gives to play with the proportions and lengths of the pieces, leaving the most current look “, guarantees.

Tailor’s Pant

Use and abuse tailor-made pantaloons in formal looks, with social shirts, or give up on more stripped down compositions with t-shirts and accessories . Danyla tip: “In general, it is worth betting on more feminine compositions, since the tailoring has this more masculine footprint. You can invest in pastel shades, for a more romantic style, or in blocks of strong colors, for a more modern and urban style. “

Social Pant

A practical solution for those who need mobility and comfort in the corporate environment is to include the social pants in the composition. According to Danyla, more noble fabrics and a good trim are favorable for this type of dress code, always in neutral tones (if the company asks for description). But if the proposal is to make the costumes more youthful, do not think twice before investing in a shocking color pants, which combined with T-shirt and comfortable shoes, will give a much more joyful air for your weekend.