This Season Ended The Note: Street Style That Triumphs Is That Camouflages It with Style

We have passed all the autumn sporting the most striking trends. If sequins, glitter and shine million. Booties have become targets for viewing from afar and hair wraps-grabbing attention from miles away. But in 2017 the chip’s style changed completely. This season camouflage pattern is more chic and sophisticated version (no monkeys charge of 90). […]

Forget to Teach The Naked Ankle, Socks Will Steal All The Limelight

Grid socks, glitter, socks type grandmother (media and light-colored) and worse of all socks: white socks. Yes, you are well, reading all these horrible and unsightly items that we’ve been avoiding for many years, they have now become fashionable. Trendy. Virally-of-fashion. And here we are today, wondering what have we done to deserve this knowing […]

Standards Basic Street Style to Not Pass Nothing of Cold This Winter, and without Losing or a Whit of Style

With the arrival of winter things are twisted a bit to the street style. Sandals disappear, already not taught legs and rain prevents often wear outfit. We just detain us very easy black and white. Total, the shelter is going to cover everything. No, bad! It may be chic when temperatures drop 10 degrees, This […]