Memo to a Tourist Traveling to Maldives

The Maldives are located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka, the capital of the state is the city of Male. In total, there are 1190 islands, forming 26 atolls, stretching in a double chain perpendicular to the equator. The length from north to south is 820 km, from west to east 120 km.

Before leaving for the airport, check the availability of the following documents:
international passport,

air ticket,
insurance policy,
bank statement (when exporting more than $ 3,000 (from 15.03.03) per person),
power of attorney from parents (if a minor child follows at least one of them),
a birth certificate (if the child and parent have different surnames).

Your passport must be valid for 6 months from the end of your trip.

You need to be at the airport: in Domodedovo in 3 hours, and in Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo in 2 hours. Check-in for the flight starts 2 hours before the time indicated on the ticket. If you are traveling with children, we advise you to arrive early in order to book seats that are convenient for you and your children.

On the plane you will receive an immigration card (consists of 2 parts) and a customs declaration. You fill them out in English. For help filling out, please contact the flight attendant.

For questions about hotel accommodation, the choice of excursions, the schedule of departure from the hotel, etc. contact your guide. The mobile phone of the representative of the company is indicated in your voucher.

According to EHUACOM, the Maddives is a visa-free country for citizens of Russia and the countries of the former CIS for a stay of up to 29 days. Your passport must be valid for at least 3.5 months at the time of departure from the country. NB: Israeli passport holders are not allowed into the country.

Despite the fact that the necklace of the Maldives includes more than 1190 islands, less than 200 islands of the Republic are inhabited. Resorts were opened on 80 more islands. The total population of the islands is about 290,000 (1999 est.). About 80 thousand people live in the capital Male.

Climate – tropical warm, even due to the proximity of the equator, without significant temperature fluctuations throughout the year. The best weather conditions are from November to the end of April (northeast monsoon): the sea is calm, the weather is sunny and dry. From May to October the weather is less predictable. The southwest monsoon can bring intermittent rains, high humidity and rough seas. However, this period is the least hot. Storms and waves are especially likely in June.
Average daily maximum – +30.4*С
Average night minimum – +25.4*С
Water temperature – +24*-27*С all year round.

Time difference with Moscow: + 1 hour in summer, + 2 hours in winter.

Language: The official language is “dhivehi”, which belongs to the Indo-Iranian group of languages. The second working language of government agencies is English. English is widely spoken in the capital Male and in the resorts.

Currency: 1 Maldivian rufiyaa = 100 laari. 1 US dollar is approximately equal to 12 rufiyaa. However, US dollars and major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Any light clothing of your choice is acceptable (cotton fabrics are best). Even in deluxe hotels, most restaurants do not require men to wear trousers, a suit or tie. For the beach, regular beachwear is recommended. It should be remembered that nudism and topless are prohibited in the Maldives (the exception is the island of Kuramathi, where topless is allowed). When visiting the fishing villages and the capital Male, tourists should, respecting Muslim traditions, wear modest clothes: women should cover their shoulders, the length of the skirt should not be higher than the knee; men – it is not recommended to wear short shorts.

Important to remember!!!
When passing customs control at the airport in Male. Prohibited:
1. Import of any alcoholic beverages, drugs.
2. Importation of pornographic materials recorded for viewing video cassettes with films, etc. Only sealed cassettes are allowed.
3. Import of weapons for spearfishing.

Memo to a Tourist Traveling to Maldives