Cities and Resorts in the United States of America

All US cities and resorts for travel. List of the most famous regions, regions, cities and resorts in the USA: population, codes, distances, best descriptions and reviews of tourists.

New York

One of the most famous cities not only in the United States, but throughout the entire globe, of course, is New York full of incredible energy – the embodiment of youth, success, and activity. New York is already a landmark in itself, here every district, street or even building is covered with some kind of legendary halo.┬áSee citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Arkansas.

The most famous and recognizable symbol of America, which is located in the City of the Big Apple, is, of course, the 93-meter Statue of Liberty. It is located on Ellis Island, it was there that a new life began for millions of people who came to the North American continent, inspired by the dream of making a untold fortune. Today, a ferry runs from Manhattan to the island every day. There is also an Emigration Museum on the island, where the atmosphere of the early 20th century is fully recreated.

Also in New York, it is worth visiting the respectable Manhattan with its clearly designed avenues, bohemian neighborhoods, luxurious parks and, of course, the longest street in the world – Broadway, where absolutely everything is. And by all means, being in this city, you need to walk along the world’s oldest suspended Brooklyn Bridge. This hero of many Hollywood films is no less impressive in real life. And, of course, for just twenty dollars, look at the metropolis from the height of the one hundred and second floor of the famous Empire State Building.

The most famous and recognizable symbol of America, which is located in the City of the Big Apple, is, of course, the 93-meter Statue of Liberty.

The capital of USA

Many interesting sights are also concentrated in the capital of the USA – Washington, among which the Capitol stands out first of all. This is one of the most majestic and luxurious buildings in the States, having not only a presentable facade, but also an even richer interior decoration. By the way, this is the tallest building in the capital, no other should exceed its 55-meter height. It has its own so-called Capitoline Statue of Liberty – a six-meter sculpture of a woman with a sword and shield, as well as a helmet decorated with eagle feathers.

The Capitol is not just a place where the US Congress deals with vital matters, but also a very interesting and original museum, the beauties of which can be enjoyed absolutely free of charge by coming to a special registration desk at eight in the morning on a weekday to stand in line, go through strict control and get entrance ticket. Tourists are offered to take a look at the grandiose dome from the inside, where the most significant events from the history of the United States are very filigree depicted on it, as well as to get acquainted with the sculptures of the country’s most prominent political figures.

Also in Washington attracts the attention of the White House, numerous parks and museums, the main of which is the museum complex with libraries, galleries and exhibition halls of the Smithsonian Research Institute, the entrance to which, by the way, is also absolutely free. Among others, there are also memorial museums dedicated to prominent American presidents, the Spy Museum and even the International Museum of Women’s Art.

The Capitol in Washington is not just a place where the US Congress does business, but also a very interesting and original museum.


Chicago is no less rich in amazing sights, the favorite of children and adults, Walt Disney, was born here, and the legend of the American mafia, Al Capone, conducted his stormy activities here. First of all, the hundred-story John Hancock Center, one of the tallest buildings in the United States, is very popular with tourists. On the ninety-third floor of which there is an observatory that offers simply stunning views of Chicago and Lake Michigan. The observation deck of the 110-story Sears Tower building with a unique glass balcony is also popular. Also in Chicago is one of the largest Shedd Aquariums in the world, one of the best museums of fine art, an unrealistic number of drawbridges and city parks.

US cities

In general, in each of the major US cities you can find a lot of interesting places: this is the old Quincy market, founded back in the century before last, in Boston, and the legendary Golden Gate in San Francisco, and the most gambling Las Vegas Boulevard in the city of the same name, and the art deco district in Miami, and the fabulous “Walt Disney World” in Orlando…

Nature & Parks USA

In addition, the natural wealth of the United States is striking – the picturesque Colorado Grand Canyon, the mighty Cordillera chain, the coasts of two oceans, the Valley of Geysers and the famous desert Death Valley, and most importantly, the unique lakes and the famous Niagara Falls.

The capital of USA