Attractions in Boracay Island, Philippines


Villages in Boracay – Yapak in the north, Balabag in the center of the island and Manok-Manok in the south – are not only the best place to get acquainted with the life of the locals, but also convenient starting points for excursions in the surrounding area.

Nature miracle. To the west of the village of Yapak is a primeval relict forest, the only one preserved on the island. This remote jungle is home to various primates, reptiles, amphibians and one of the most amazing mammals on earth.
planet – fruit bat, or flying dog. Weighing more than a kilogram and with a wingspan of 1.5 to 1.7 meters, this fantastic beast is one of the largest representatives of the order of bats on the planet. Outside the jungle, nature is no less rich in wonders: exotic trees – guava, mango and papaya – bring crops throughout the island next to blooming orchids and various types of palm trees.

Visiting the caves. The north of the island is famous for its bizarre caves and grottoes. Most of these dungeons are on the rocky east coast. On the west coast, between the beaches of Baling Hai and Punta Bunga, is the equally intriguing Calicugan Cave.

Dead forest. Unusual photo motifs are offered by the Dead Forest, once a freshwater pond at the southern end of Bugabog Beach, into which sea water has penetrated, killing the mangrove trees growing there, whose skeletons still stick out of the water.

Sports and active recreation

Boracay is a great place for sports enthusiasts. Whether your element is water or earth, the possibilities here seem endless. The undoubted leader in popularity is diving: the dive sites of Boracay are equally interesting for any level of training, from beginner to pro. In just 30 minutes by boat, you can reach 20 different sites. It also organizes multi-day excursions to more remote underwater gardens. Golf lovers will not be bored here either: in the north of the island, Fairways & Bluewater Resort has been offering world-class golf courses (18 holes, par 72) since 1997. Sports enthusiasts can explore the island either on foot or on a mountain bike, or on horseback. The last option is undoubtedly the most tempting. Of course, everything things to do on the beach and in coastal waters is one of the favorite ways to spend time in Boracay. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are best practiced in the noisy waters off Bulabog Beach. On the White Beach, a fast ride on a “banana” boat is organized, you can rent a sailing boat or go on an excursion on a boat, through the transparent bottom of which you can see the local underwater kingdom.

More than a spa

Fragrant flower petal baths, hot oil massages, beauty treatments with rare plant essences – Boracay’s spas pamper body and soul and are among the best in the world, as evidenced by their awards, such as the prestigious Spa Asia Cristal Award.. Experienced masseurs and therapists provide spa treatments, reiki massages and other activities to harmonize mind and body in luxurious rooms overlooking the paradise or the turquoise sea.



Gateway to Boracay is a special gangway for boats in Caticlan, on the northern tip of Panay Island. From there, thanks to a newly developed transfer system, you will reach Boracay itself in a 20-minute boat trip. Planes fly regularly to Panay and land at Caticlan Airport or at Kalibo, located 70 kilometers away.


Boracay has offers for every price range: White Beach and nearby bays offer everything from simple cottages and apartments to luxury hotels. During high season (New Year and May holidays) it is recommended to book in advance.


The weather in Boracay is dominated by the northeast and southwest monsoon. The northeast monsoon, Amihan, dominates from late November to March and brings cool, clear weather. At this time, there is a light breeze, calm seas and temperatures from 25 to 32 degrees. From March to June, summer is on the island: warm, sometimes very hot days and from time to time strong monsoon winds. The rainy season begins in July and lasts until November, when the southwest monsoon Habagat reigns here. However, even the rainy season very rarely means that it rains all day long, mostly in showers in the morning and in the evening.

Annual holidays

You can plan a trip based not only on the weather, but also on annual events on Boracay itself and on the nearby island of Panay. Most of them are held during the high season, from December to May. Particularly spectacular are the January Ati-Atihan festival in Panay, the international Funboard Cup in Boracay in the second half of January, and the international beach volleyball tournament held on White Beach in the first two weeks of May.

Moving around the island

Boracay is small, most of the routes can easily be overcome on foot. As public transport for long journeys
, you can use a tricycle, a motorcycle with a side trailer. In addition, in many places you can rent a bicycle or scooter.

Attractions in Boracay Island, Philippines