Atchison County, Kansas

According to Countryaah, Atchison County, Kansas is located in the northeastern corner of the state, just across the Missouri River from its namesake city of Atchison. The county borders three other counties: Leavenworth to the north, Doniphan to the east and Brown to the south. The landscape of Atchison County is mostly flat with rolling hills and prairies. The soil is fertile and supports a variety of crops including corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and alfalfa. The county also has a large number of livestock farms that produce beef cattle, dairy cows and hogs. There are numerous small towns located within Atchison County including Effingham, Huron, Lancaster and Bendena. Each town offers its own unique charm with historic buildings and friendly people.

Atchison County is also home to several recreational areas including Big Lake State Park and Atchison State Fishing Lake. Big Lake State Park offers camping facilities as well as swimming, boating and fishing opportunities on its 500-acre lake. There are also miles of trails for hiking, biking or horseback riding as well as picnic areas for visitors to enjoy a day outdoors. Atchison State Fishing Lake is an 800-acre lake that provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers year round. It also has camping facilities available for visitors who wish to stay overnight or longer in order to make the most out of their time in this beautiful part of Kansas.

Atchison County, Kansas

Demographics of Atchison County, Kansas

Atchison County, Kansas has a population of 16,741 according to the 2019 census. The median age in the county is 44.1 years with about 49% of the population being male and 51% female. The racial demographics show that 96.7% of the population is white, 0.8% African American, 0.6% Native American, 0.5% Asian, 0.2% Pacific Islander and 1.2% from other races or a combination of two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos make up 5.3% of the population in Atchison County and there are also smaller populations of people from other countries such as India (0.3%), Germany (0.2%) and Mexico (0.2%).

The median household income in Atchison County is $47,976 with 13% of households living below the poverty line compared to 11.5% for the state as a whole. The unemployment rate in Atchison County is 3%, slightly below that for Kansas as a whole which stands at 3.4%. Education levels are slightly above average in Atchison County with 83.1 % having completed high school or higher compared to 80.9 % for Kansas Overall, and 22.7 % having attained a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to 20.8 % for Kansas overall..

Atchison County has an active agricultural sector with over 40 farms located within its borders producing crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans and hay alongside livestock such as beef cattle, dairy cows and hogs which contribute significantly to its economy each year.

Places of Interest in Atchison County, Kansas

Atchison County, Kansas is home to a variety of attractions for visitors to explore. The Atchison County Historical Museum offers visitors the chance to explore the county’s history through its vast collection of artifacts, photos and displays. The museum also houses a genealogy library with records dating back to the 1800s which makes it ideal for those researching their family history.

The Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum celebrates the life and accomplishments of one of America’s most famous aviators. The museum features artifacts from her life as well as interactive exhibits that tell her story.

The Atchison County Courthouse is an impressive building constructed in 1887 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It features an impressive clock tower, stained glass windows and intricate architectural details that make it a popular tourist destination.

The Brown Mansion was built in 1881 by Cyrus K Brown and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Atchison County. It features elaborate woodwork, stained glass windows and a grand staircase that make it a must-see attraction for visitors to the area.

Atchison State Fishing Lake offers excellent fishing opportunities on its 500-acre lake as well as miles of trails for hiking, biking or horseback riding and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy a day outdoors. There are also camping facilities available for those who wish to stay overnight or longer in order to make the most out of their time at this beautiful part of Kansas.

Atchison County has something for everyone whether they are looking for outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking, exploring historical attractions or simply taking in stunning scenery – all within easy reach from any part of Atchison County.

Notable People of Atchison County, Kansas

Atchison County, Kansas is home to many notable people who have made their mark in a variety of fields. The most famous of these is aviator Amelia Earhart who was born and raised in Atchison. Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and she continues to be an inspiration to many people around the world.

Another notable figure from Atchison County is Cyrus K Brown, a prominent businessman and philanthropist who built the Brown Mansion in 1881. He was also instrumental in the founding of Benedictine College which is located in Atchison County today.

John J Ingalls was born in Atchison County and served as a United States Senator from Kansas from 1873-1891. He was known for his oratory skills and his passionate commitment to civil rights, education and women’s suffrage. His legacy lives on through The Ingalls Memorial Library which he donated to Atchison County after his death.

Atchison County also has a number of famous athletes who were born or raised there including National Football League stars Edwin Harrison, Bill Kenney, Jeff Kinney and Mike Golic Jr., Major League Baseball pitcher Bill Fischer, as well as Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz.

Other notable people from Atchison County include author Langston Hughes, actor Brad Pitt, singer/songwriter John Mellencamp, comedian George Carlin and author/illustrator Jan Brett. All of these individuals have made significant contributions to their respective fields and serve as an inspiration for those living in Atchison County today.