Are, Sweden

The Ore ski resort consists of four villages – Duved, Tegefjall, Are By and Are Bjornen – and five ski areas: Duved, Tegefjall, Ope Are By, Are Bjornen and Rodkulle. All villages are interconnected by bus routes. Regardless of which village you live in, skiing is possible throughout the entire complex. According to petwithsupplies, Are is one of the largest cities in Sweden.

Are has the best lift system in Northern Europe, 100 km of varied ski slopes, 900 m elevation difference (374-1274) and guaranteed snow from November to May. For its excellent technical characteristics, it is often called the “Scandinavian Alps”. At the same time, prices here are lower than in the Alps, and as an additional “bonus” skiers get all the Scandinavian exotics, from reindeer sledding to the opportunity to taste freshly smoked salmon.

Even at the resort, there are equally good opportunities for skiing both mountain and cross-country skiing. All tracks are open for snowboarders, but in addition there is a “fan park” and a special “Snowcross” gutter.

The ski season in Are runs from mid-November to mid-May, when most of the ski lifts are open.

Elevation difference – from 440 to 1420 m, “green” slopes – 12, “blue” – 39, “red” – 39, “black” – 5, virgin – 5. The total capacity of the lifts is 47 thousand people per hour, one gondola, one cabin, 6 chairlifts and 31 ski lifts, as well as one funicular.

In windy weather, the highest point of descent is 826 m above sea level. From December 20 to April 6, four days a week from 18:00 to 21:00, one of the ski lifts is turned on so that skiers can enjoy the charm of night skiing (the ski pass also applies to night skiing, without requiring additional payment).

How to get to Are

During the New Year and Christmas holidays, a direct charter goes up from Moscow (Domodedovo Airport) to Ostersund. The rest of the time, a regular flight to Stockholm by SAS or Aeroflot flight is possible, then a train journey to Åre (travel time – about 7 hours), or an internal SAS flight to Östersund (flight time – about 1 hour), and then transfer Östersund – Åre (an hour on the road).

Ore resort regions

Auray is the center of the Auray ski resort, where most of the hotels, shops, restaurants and entertainment are concentrated.

In the village of Ore Bjornen, there is almost never a wind, as it is located in a hollow protected from all sides by mountains. It is always two or three degrees warmer here than in other villages of the resort.

Duved is the second largest village in the resort of Ore, located 10 km from its center. It is especially attractive for companies or families that have snowboard fans and experienced skiers at the same time, lovers of thrills on off-piste slopes.

Tegefjell: This part of Åre is good for young people and snowboarders, who can expect a great fun park, rough slopes and the best snowboard instructors.

In Åre Björnen, the only kindergarten in the resort is open, where you can leave a child aged four years old (from 9:00 to 15:30, from Monday to Friday – during the opening hours of the lifts). English-speaking teachers work here, special slopes and a springboard are built for children. A children’s center and children’s lifts are located in the pedestrian zone.

Hotel Ore

In the resort of Ore, many hotel rooms and apartments are called “mountain hotel”, their standard, as a rule, can be equated to three-star hotels or lower. Most resort apartments are equipped with bunk beds. This saves space, heating and, accordingly, the cost of living.

Ore is good because, wherever a tourist settles, he will always be close to ski lifts and ski slopes, and all entertainment will be at hand. From 16:30 in some hotels and restaurants, cute “gatherings” called “after skiing” (apres-ski) begin, when you can go to the bar right in your ski suit to listen to music, sing along, dance, drink beer or something else. The prices for drinks during these hours are lower than usual. The Swedes claim that the tradition of apres-ski, which now exists in all ski resorts, came from here.


A special bus (ski bus) serves five villages from 09:00 to 22:00. Opening hours of the lifts: from the opening of the season to February 7 – 9:00-15:30, from February 8 to May 1 – 9:00-16:30, from May 2 to 5 and from May 9 to 12 – 9:00- 15:00.

The lift pass also entitles you to free use of the ski bus between the hotels and the ski lifts during the day. In the evening, the ski bus is paid extra.


All ski lifts in Åre are valid for one common ski pass.

Children under 7 ride for free if they have a helmet. There is a “ski pass” for beginners, valid only on certain lifts in the villages of Åre-Bjornen and Duved. The lift ticket is valid only with the personal signature of the skier.

Equipment rental

Ski equipment rentals (Skidakarna), as well as repair and maintenance workshops, are located near hotels and the largest ski lifts in sports shops.

Equipment can be rented at one rental point and returned at another. Skis, snowboard or boots are given before purchase for trial skiing for a day or a few hours.

Ski schools

Ski schools are organized for beginner skiers and the services of individual instructors are offered.

Group Classes: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. It is convenient to book classes at Skidakarna points. We recommend booking group and individual lessons in advance, even when buying a tour.

Entertainment and attractions in Are

Excursions to Trondheim (Norway), Östersund, Storsjobadet SPA pool, a trip to the largest waterfall in Sweden – Tannshforsen (Tannfosen).

Ice fishing, helicopter flights, parachuting and hang gliding with an instructor. Snowmobile safaris or sledding downhill in the heart of Åre from a height of 130 m along the Bergbana mountain tramway, traditional Scandinavian reindeer riding through the forest, as well as dog sledding trips.

Walks in the forest can be combined with lunch or dinner at Karin’s Cabin, which can only be reached by dog ​​sled or snowmobile. There is no electricity, and guests are offered game dishes cooked over an open fire.

The “Hot barrel” tavern is very exotic (special game dishes, as well as exotic bathing in the “hot barrel” – a bath heated by firewood in the open air). You can get to this tavern by snowmobile.

Are, Sweden