Cheapest Countries for Holidays in the World

Do you want your money to last longer when you go on holiday? Of course you want to! Live like royalty but spend significantly less. According to Countryaah, these top 10 places are from Asia, Europe and South America. See the following for the 10 cheapest holiday destinations.

Cheapest countries

Ranking Country Popular destinations Continent
1 Cambodia Siem Reap, Koh Rong Asia
2 Vietnam Hanoi and Halong Bay, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An Asia
3 India Bombay / Mumbai, Dehli, Jaipur, Kerala Asia
4 Bolivia La Paz, Oruro South America
5 Hungary Budapest, Lake Balaton Europe
6 Indonesia Bali, Giliöarna Asia
7 Bulgaria Sofia, Nesebar, Varna Europe
8 Sri Lanka Habarana, Negombo Asia
9 Argentina Buenos Aires, Patagonia South America
10 Thailand Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Phi Phi Asia

1. Cambodia

With accommodation for SEK 15 a night and delicious food for even less than that, Cambodia makes a perfect destination for the price-conscious traveler. The country was once considered dangerous to visit, but today Cambodia is almost like any other destination in Southeast Asia and is especially popular with students, backpackers and not least among travelers seeking five-star luxury for less money. Note: According to Abbreviationfinder, SEK is the acronym for Sweden currency.

Check out the hotel De La Paix where a double room with nice wooden interior, WiFi and excellent service costs around SEK 3,000 a night. The hotel is also just steps away from the famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. Enjoy this UNESCO-listed attraction for as little as SEK 50, although we recommend a multi-day ticket if you want to catch up and admire all the temples.

2. Vietnam

Cambodia is unspoiled and unexploited, despite the country’s increasing popularity in recent years. Vietnam is still super cheap and wonderfully beautiful. You can easily manage on SEK 60 a day here, including accommodation, local food, transport and a few drinks – a bottle of Vietnam’s most popular beer, Bia Hoi, costs as little as SEK 8.

The country’s capital Hanoi was once the official capital of French Indonesia and even today much of the French remains here; Here you can, among other things, eat some of the best croissants in the world and find lots of elegant patisseries that are way off with authentic noodle hooks. Haoi’s old quarter, located around Hoan Kiem Lake, is the best place to soak up the city’s post-colonial charm, but it is also a unique oasis of calm in contrast to the otherwise chaotic city. Locals come here every morning to practice Thai chi.

Experience Vietnam’s countryside and the green, lush rice fields in and around the former French resort of Da Lat. The city is well visited by tourists and the flower gardens, the local tofu factories and the cashew nut plantations are well worth a stop. For those who want to experience one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations, we recommend a visit to Halong Bay, which since 1994 has had a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

3. India

A shopping spree in Bombay’s designer shops and a night in a luxury hotel in Delhi will cost you as much as the equivalent in Dubai, but in addition to this, the overhead costs in India are significantly lower. Even if you travel in first class on the trains (Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express are the most comfortable to travel with as they are air conditioned and food is included in the ticket price) and take taxis everywhere, it is difficult to get rid of large sums of money here. You can live like a king in India for 200 kroner a day.

India is the seventh largest country in the world so it pays to plan your visit here and choose which of the country’s 29 states you want to visit. Head to western India and the state capital Jaipur, Pink City, which is an experience for all the senses or laze on the white beaches of Kerala in the south. And you can not travel to India without seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the world’s most famous buildings.

4. Bolivia

Bolivia is known as South America’s answer to Tibet and is one of the continent’s two countries without a coast (the other is Paraguay). In Bolivia’s administrative capital, La Paz, you will find well-preserved colonial-era buildings and numerous museums, including Pedro Domingo Murillo’s old home. Bolivia is also known for having South America’s most affordable food and drink. A bottle of Paceña beer costs just over SEK 10 and a bowl of chairo (potato soup) about the same amount.


Pack extra clothes; Although Bolivia is known for its hot, tropical summers, La Paz is surrounded by mountains and cool all year round. Do you want to raise the temperature? Head to Oruro, a city known for its carnival that is held every year in February or March to honor the Virgin of Candelaria. The city is a three-hour bus ride from La Paz.

5. Hungary

Hungary has become a favorite destination for many Swedes, especially the capital Budapest. You can fly there directly for cheap money and despite the fact that costs have risen in recent years, the country is still a very affordable destination. To keep costs as low as possible, you should settle on the Pest side but do not miss to discover Buda on the other side of the river. You can get around easily and cheaply by metro and the popular dish goulash can be enjoyed for about 25 kroner. In Hungary, you as a traveler should also take the opportunity to treat yourself to a spa experience as this is significantly cheaper than at home in Sweden.

6. Indonesia

In Indonesia, you can relax on outstanding sandy beaches, dive into crystal clear waters and enjoy dramatic nature, all without having to crack your holiday budget because Indonesia is a very cheap country. The tropical paradise of Bali has long been a favorite for those seeking sunny beaches and beautiful surroundings. The island’s lush green rice fields, volcanic peaks and soothing temples played an important role in Julia Robert’s pursuit of spirituality in the hit film Eat, Pray, Love from 2010. The film worked wonders for tourism on the island which is not only a wonderful holiday resort but also a perfect place for it. who wants to find himself. In Bali, you hardly have to worry about your money running out. Prices are low for food, drinks, souvenirs, leather, clothes and jewelry. If you are extra greedy, you can even try bargaining!

7. Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Black Sea tourist resorts have again begun to attract tourists in recent years, probably due to the fact that it is significantly cheaper here than in other sunny destinations such as Spain. If you prefer the big city in front of the beach, you can visit the capital Sofia where you can eat well, meet nice people, drink hearty drinks and sleep in a comfortable bed, all for less than SEK 250 a day. The capital is only a 20-minute bus ride from the airport.

In Sofia, the second oldest city in Europe, you will also find plenty of museums and art galleries, including the Museum of Socialist Art and the National Literature Museum. The further east you go, the cheaper it gets. Do you want sun, sea and save a few kroner? Set your sights on Nesebar, a UNESCO-listed town a few hours south of Varna and a great place to start your journey along the coast of Bulgaria. Although a large part of Nesebar’s ancient city of Messembria has collapsed into the sea, there are still a lot of old churches to admire and cobbled streets to stroll on.

8. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, you can live like royalty for less than $ 300 a day. Modern tourism began to flourish on this idyllic island as early as the 1960s, but the country has somehow managed to avoid the over-exploitation that has taken place in many other Southeast Asian destinations. In other words, it is easy to holiday luxuriously for cheap money here.

Stay at the five-star Cinnamon Lodge located in Habarana which is the epicenter of the cultural triangle Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. The hotel suites have stunning views of the tropical lake Habarana and you can enjoy them while lying in your private jacuzzi and being served champagne. A single room here with all facilities, spa and luxury costs as little as SEK 500 a night.

Visit the temples, monasteries and countryside to get an insight into Sri Lankan Buddhist culture – 70 percent of the population are Buddhists. Two temples you should definitely visit are Sri Maha Bodhiya in Anuradhapura and Sri Dhalada Maligawa (Tooth Temple) in Kandy which are the two holiest sites on the entire island. However, be aware that you as a foreigner may have to pay a higher entry price, although some tuk-tuk drivers may help you sneak in for free.

9. Argentina

From the jungles of La Pampa to the mighty Andes and the western border with Chile: there is much to see and do in Argentina, the world’s eighth largest country. The lights do not get much stronger in this part of the world than in Buenos Aires, which is considered one of the most exciting cities on the planet, not least because of its nightlife. Experience the colorful and flamboyant life in the Argentine capital by staying away from the exclusive parts and you can manage on SEK 300 per day.


If you want to get away from the city, you can head to Patagonia in the south where you will find Tierra del Fuego, the world’s southernmost city and a popular starting point for excursions to Antarctica. You get here by bus from Buenos Aires, a journey that takes between 24 and 26 hours, or you hop on a cheap domestic flight to save time, although this option is more expensive. Prepare to see a lot of cute penguins, dolphins and whales in this UNESCO-protected nature reserve, Península Valdés, where the entrance fee is just over a hundred.

10. Thailand

Thailand has become one of the Swedes’ most beloved winter destinations and even though the country offers fabulous beaches, an exciting cuisine and a hospitable population, the low price level is perhaps one of the main arguments for coming here. A dinner at a simpler restaurant in Thailand costs just over SEK 40, a beer around SEK 15 and a good hotel does not have to cost more than SEK 200-300. Enough about the prices – there is also a lot to experience here! Start your trip in Krabi and Koh Phi Phi (The Beach) and then move on to one of the 80 other islands that are just a short boat ride away. Visit Railey and the many caves, climb the cliffs or just enjoy the romantic sunsets over the Andaman.

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